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Welcome to the Sports Palace

On 8 May 2008, according to a contract executed with the Tbilisi Municipality, "Logic Group" LTD bore the commitment for a complete renovation of the Sports Palace in Tbilisi. The Company was assigned the management right of 100% share of the Sports Palace for the term of 30 years.

According to the contract, "Logic Group" LTD has been carrying out a three-stage reconstruction of the Sports Palace, with the total of a $5 million investment envisaged. A $3 million investment has already been placed. The Sports Palace now is congruent with the international standards.

The opening ceremony of the Tbilisi Sports Palace took place on 12 May 1961 and has been the venue of a number of tournaments and other events ever since.

It should be said that the Sports Palace is the only roofed facility in Georgia of an unrivaled approx. 10 000 capacity.

Apart from the central arena, the Sports Palace has several gyms, open and indoor exhibition areas, an office area and the adjacent territory, which upon accomplishment, may be turned into a commercial area.

After the necessary infrastructure the Sports Palace had become the venue of not only the national and international events but all kinds of assemblies

  • exhibitions
  • concerts
  • other cultural events
  • shows

Being a multi-functional facility, the Sports Palace is going to host all these since its arena may easily turned into an exhibition or a concert hall.

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